Design and Management

posted Nov 25, 2020, 11:51 AM by Maggie Velasco   [ updated Nov 25, 2020, 11:55 AM ]

With a project the size of the STEM Campus, it is important to Pequote Lakes district leadership that the right experts in the fields of design and project management were hired to ensure success. To bring the vision of the STEM Campus to life and meet current building codes and standards, the district has hired Wold Architects and Engineers. To begin the design process, Katelyn Chambers, the architect and project manager of record from Wold, has worked to develop design criteria by conferencing with district leadership, students, and staff. The design criteria were developed in alignment with the project’s purpose and outcomes. Safe and secure, professional and career oriented, and including both design and production activities areas are a few of the major design criteria elements that were developed for this project. Katelyn was a graduate of Pequot Lakes Schools with family members that still live in the area. When asked what this project means to her personally, Katelyn responded that this project, “ is important in shedding light onto different trades or professions to students while they are still in school. I am passionate about offering any information to high school students [about different career pathways] like my Pequot Lakes art and math teachers did for me with Architecture.” 


As the design process was underway and a completed design presented to district leadership (pictured: below), Pequot Lakes also leaned on the expertise in construction project management by hiring ICS. Nathan Norton the project manager from ICS will, “help establish a final budget, maintain a budget, track/monitor payments, create and update a construction schedule, provide onsite safety inspections, and provide onsite quality control.” He will work closely with the selected General Contractor to ensure the project is successful. With ties to the district as well, Nathan Norton and his wife Kari moved to Pequot Lakes in 2013 where Kari is currently a 3rd grade teacher at Eagle View Elementary. “I have been an active member of the Pequot Lakes Planning Commission for about 5 years and I feel an additional STEM space will benefit students for their futures in addition to making our community more competitive. With two young daughters [in the district], we love how Pequot Lakes is a smaller school district committed to providing a wide variety of meaningful learning opportunities.” 


Pequot Lakes district leadership looks forward to continuing the work with Wold and ICS as the STEM Campus project is brought to life over the coming years. Student involvement in the building process will also be a unique aspect of this particular construction build.