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What does PBIS mean to Eagle View Elementary School? ... that's a BIG question.

posted Apr 10, 2015, 3:40 PM by Brenda Williams
Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS) is a framework for creating and sustaining a safe & effective school. It helps establish a regular, predictable, positive learning and teaching environment.

It’s hard to wrap it all into just a few words, but our PBIS mission statement summarizes it well: “At Eagle View Elementary School we treat each other with respect, take responsibility for our learning, and strive for a safe and positive school for all.”

What does PBIS specifically look like at Eagle View?

1. We have a building-wide reward system providing positive feedback when students are doing the right thing, called Patriot Pride tickets.

2. We have regular assemblies (every 6 weeks or so) for reinforcing positive behaviors and rewarding students through ticket drawings. Some prizes include: fire truck rides, lunch with the Principal, police car rides, sledding parties, etc.

3. There are visual displays throughout the building focusing on patriot pride: Respect, Responsibility, and Safety.

4. We have Star Students where one child from every class is nominated for being respectful, responsible, and safe. They receive a certificate and picture with the Principal.

5. We teach and model specific behavior expectations … we can no longer assume that every child knows appropriate school behaviors. By teaching our expectations and constantly reinforcing them, we can keep more students in our classrooms, hoping to maximize learning and increase overall student success.

6. We have “Wear it Wednesdays” to show our Patriot Pride. Every student and staff member has a “Pride” t-shirt, thanks to the generous support of many local groups and businesses.

7. We have implemented school-wide rewards ~ at each assembly after tickets have been drawn for prizes, we dump them all together in a bin that has "goal/reward" lines... when tickets reach those lines, the whole school gets that reward. We’ve definitely noticed it promoting more of a teamwork mentality in our school community.

Our Eagle View PBIS team members are: Melissa Hesch, Eileen Nelson, Melissa Reynolds, Kelly Crosby, Jackie Duoos, Megan Zierden, Julie Benson, Rhonda Sawyer, Nikki McCarthy, and Tara Sikich.

Thank you to the community for your support and we invite those with questions or additional ideas that promote PBIS to contact us. Together we can make a positive impact.

-- Megan Zierden, Eagle View PBIS Team