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“Together may we give our children the roots to grow and the wings to fly.”

posted Oct 30, 2015, 12:22 PM by Brenda Williams
At Eagle View we embrace the great privilege of developing each child’s foundational skills for future academic learning. We don’t do this alone, but as a collaboration for “our” kids in partnership with students and families.

As the first quarter comes to a close and preparations begin for parent-teacher conferences next week, EV staff wish to thank you in advance for your communication and partnership so far this year. At this time of year PBIS expectations are established, flexible groupings are developed based on need, classroom schedules are routine with academic learning forefront, and interventions have been implemented. Now is an important time for parents and staff to meet to discuss each student’s progress in school and make plans moving forward. As you attend conferences, please keep the following in mind:

* Your child is more than a test score. Eagle View staff will share areas of strength and concern in order to give you the whole picture of your child at school. Many students exhibit differences between school and home. Your input provides important clues to the social and emotional well-being of your child.

* Develop your communication plan. Don’t let this be the only time you talk with the teachers. Whether it be email, phone calls, notes in planners or the red take-home folder, think about what will work best for you and talk about it. Each classroom teacher is sending emails/newsletters to keep you updated on what’s happening in the classrooms so you are aware of important activities and learning.

* Prepare questions you have before the conference and start with the most important ones. This is important in figuring out areas your child may have misunderstandings or may need support. Brainstorm solutions together. Please reach out to the staff when you have questions regarding assignments or other aspects of learning as we want you to have the purpose and clarity to support your student.

* Presume positive intentions and come with a let’s be a team attitude. The goal of the conference is for your child’s success. Celebrate the successes and growth from the year before.

* Be punctual and respect the time limit of the conference as other families will be waiting. If there are items to discuss further, set-up another time to meet.

* Literacy is a priority. At your conference, information will be provided about your child’s literacy strengths and areas of focus. As parents, your support in checking the Patriot Packs every night and documenting your child’s reading minutes for the Rockin Reader has been greatly appreciated in showing how much literacy is a priority for you and your child. Just as in life, practice helps us improve. Reading at home every night is the greatest influence on a child’s success.

* Post-conference with your child. Share the positive things shared and plans or actions that will be implemented. Explain how all of you working together will ultimately result in your child having a successful year.

The Eagle View staff and I look forward to working with our families throughout this school year ensuring that EVery child, EVery day has a successful EV experience.

-- Melissa Hesch, Eagle View Elementary Principal