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The Path to Success

posted Sep 17, 2015, 6:45 AM by Brenda Williams
Now that the dust has settled from the Back to School chaos, let’s take a moment to focus our efforts on the most critical parts of helping your child to be successful this year. In our grade level address this week the teachers and staff of Pequot Lakes Middle School reminded our students that “The path to success is simple, but it isn’t always easy.” This poignant quote says so much.

The staff of Pequot Middle School has no doubt that our households may already be doing much of what is listed below, but we hope that this might serve as a couple reminders to make this year successful:

1) Communication is a two-way street. Keeping lines of communication open between school and home is vital in order to ensure student progress. Remember ... we don’t know what we don’t know.

2) Every student should have homework every night. If their planner doesn’t show there is homework please take this opportunity to structure the household routine to include time to support your child’s growth (free reading, sudoku, compelling dinner table discussion, etc.)

3) Push your child to persevere. The exciting time that is Middle School is filled with plenty of “teachable moments” tied to trying new things and experiencing challenges. If your child falls, be there to pick them up, dust ‘em off and get back after it.

4) Have dialogue with your child about your experiences. Help them to walk a mile in your shoes. Your wisdom, whether your child is willing to admit this or not, represents critical content that should be tapped into.

5) Support an “Unplug Night” in your home. Technology is a critical part of educating our children in the 21st Century, but “screen time” also represents an enormous distraction to our youth. Finding a balance in school and home will help to better-prepare our students for their future.

6) Help your child to make connections to postsecondary life. College/Career exploration cannot start early enough and the adults in your child’s life can act as a valuable gateway to life beyond Pequot Lakes Middle School.

Remember, the path to success has several simple premises; the difficult journey falls in the commitment to living up to them.

The staff of Pequot Lakes Middle School is looking forward to having a big impact on your child’s growth. Please join us in our efforts to push our kids to do their best this school year.

-- Mike O'Neil, Middle School Principal