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Thank you for all you do!

posted Dec 1, 2016, 6:26 AM by Brenda Williams   [ updated Dec 1, 2016, 6:27 AM ]
The fall sports season has come to an end recently and there are several reasons to celebrate. The volleyball team finished with 22 wins. The tennis team finished as co-champs of the Mid State Conference. The football team made it to their 4th consecutive section finals and the boys cross country team qualified for their second consecutive trip to the state meet!

There are many individuals and groups that play a key role in the success of our activities program. Those of you who have attended any of our sign up meetings have heard me say, “It takes three things to have a successful activities program: dedicated coaches, supportive parents and good kids!” While I fully believe that to be true, the reality is that it takes many more people willing to get involved to ensure our students have a positive experience.

The MSHSL has recently implemented a “thank a ref” campaign. The basic premise is that we take a few seconds to simply say “thank you” to our contest officials. I would like to encourage you to say “thank you” to the officials the next time you attend an event. I would especially encourage you to say “thank you” to our middle level and youth officials. These people get paid little or volunteer their time to officiate, and without them the game simply would not happen.

I would propose that we take the “thank a ref” campaign and expand on it. Take a few seconds to thank a coach, thank a bus driver, volunteer athletic trainer, the chain gang, line judge, public address announcer, pep band, scoreboard operator, scorebook keeper, ticket taker, police reserves, supervisors … you get the idea. These people put in many hours to help ensure that our students have an opportunity to participate in their chosen activity. We tend to take many of these tasks for granted. We would surely miss these people if they were not there.

Thanks to all of our coaches and volunteers in Youth Sports and PAC. Youth Sports coaches provide the first athletic experience for many of our students, and your willingness to donate your time to make sure kids have an opportunity to play is greatly appreciated. PAC deserves our thanks also. Many people donate countless hours to help our activities program either financially or directly with their involvement.

In closing I would like to thank all of the people that work in or with our activities department. We are fortunate to have such caring and dedicated people. I am thankful that I get to be an Activities Director in a school district and community that supports activities for kids. THANK YOU!

See you at the games!

-- Marc Helmrichs, Activities Director