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Spring; A Fresh Start

posted Apr 18, 2019, 11:02 AM by Brenda Williams
It is really hard to tolerate the weather in Minnesota sometimes. It seems that winter comes early, stays late and often times spring gets skipped altogether. I can honestly say I don’t remember it bothering me much as a kid, but it seems each year that passes it either gets worse or bothers me more. I think the key in all of it is appreciating the freshness and the newness. You’ll hear that robin sing again for the first time in quite a while. It won’t be long and that block of ice out your window turns into a beautiful tapestry of lapping blue water. The dingy brown landscape around your home eventually gives way to lush green. The beauty of tolerating winter in Minnesota is - we get to watch nature start fresh again. It is almost like they get a reset or reboot. It won’t be long and we’ll have the great fortune of hitting a nice tee shot down a green fairway or be riding in the pontoon to the sound of loons. Soon those beautiful perennials will pop in your garden yet again. It will come quicker than you think, and it usually goes faster than it comes! As nature is set to start fresh don’t forget to take some time to allow you to start fresh too.

It’s hard to argue that life doesn’t move fast in 2019. It seems each day goes faster than the last and each year quicker than the one before it. Don’t forget to take some time to “smell the roses” as they say. Allow yourself the opportunity to reset or start fresh. I know lives are full in our house. We have countless things on the schedule, activities to run to, appointments to keep, etc... It really is a hamster wheel of life! I’m not complaining as I’ve chosen this path, and I know I will miss it when life slows down. I do however, often miss the boat on appreciating it. All that being said, please take some time and find a fresh start of your own. It could be appreciating the good things more instead of dwelling on the bad - which is so often the case in our society. It could be connecting with an old friend or family member you haven’t seen in a while. It could be adopting a new hobby or trying something new.

I think the key in all of it is to take a few pointers from Mother Nature. It keeps going, just like our lives do, but it does a better job of starting fresh most of the time. It leaves the baggage of winter behind eventually. It brings fresh spring rain, popping flowers and budding trees. It brings more daylight, warmer winds and singing birds. It brings a whole bunch of refreshing things in the coming days and weeks. I challenge you to try and do the same. Find a way to bring fresh rain, blooming flowers and singing birds to your life. Life is short, and it moves fast and at times we need to make changes. It can be as easy as finding a daily routine that allows you to read, watch or listen to something uplifting. It can be making an effort to spend more time outside and taking in the beauty around us. It can be scheduling time to meet with an old friend. The “fresh start” might be just the thing you need. As L.M. Montgomery put it, “Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?”

-- Rich Spiczka, Community Education Director