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Keep Your Day

posted Oct 25, 2017, 1:21 PM by Brenda Williams
As someone who has worked in various school systems over the course of my professional years, there are some constants. There is buzz and panic at the start of each school year. There are parents and children excited for the start and others nervous about their new surroundings, new classes, academic workload and the like. There are also parents in a panic trying to figure out how their little babies grew up so fast, which is a category you can throw me into! There are lockers and busses and backpacks, which are all constant parts of a school year. There may be small variations to these things, but many have remained constant over the years, since everyone walked to school, uphill, both ways! Along with these constants, there is always some change.

As you encounter change in your daily life, I challenge you to embrace it and “keep your day.” Willow Sweeney is the co-founder of Top 20 Training, an organization that provides training and materials to empower leaders, teachers, parents and students to develop their potential. I first heard Willow at a back to school workshop about five years ago. She is truly gifted as a speaker and motivator, but the basis for what she does is simple, “keep your day.” Don’t let the worries of change, the person driving too slow in traffic or any other circumstance of your day, allow you to lose that day.

The theory is quite simple, really. We never get to “redo” a day. Once it is gone, it’s gone and we only have so many in our life. It is something I struggle with as much as anyone, but it is a great concept. Don’t let anything steal your day. There is plenty of turmoil in our world just hoping to snatch our day from us. You can see people losing their day because the Vikings lost or because the politics of the USA are not to their liking. You can witness people losing their day because of a mistake at work or because their child has spilled the milk, again!

You will always encounter challenges and change in your life. I’m sure there will be many times you can’t stop the challenges and the change is not to your liking, but don’t let them steal your day. Embrace them as something that will help you improve as a person. If you have children, I challenge you to help them do the same in their lives. It can be a great exercise that will serve your children well and furthermore, pushing them to “keep their day” can only help in developing a positive outlook through the challenges of their life. In an email signature I received from someone not long ago it said, “Today is all I have. Let me make the most of it.” I’d say it is safe to say, that person is choosing to “keep their day.” I challenge all of you to do the same.

-- Rich Spiczka, Community Education Director