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It’s a New Season; Slow down?

posted May 14, 2018, 1:44 PM by Brenda Williams
As a lifelong resident of Minnesota, it has always amazed me how fast the weather can change. I’ve often heard the question, “Don’t like the weather,” which is followed immediately with “wait 5 minutes.” It is really hard to argue with that premise here in our area when a trip south down 371 from Pequot Lakes on Friday would have shown you thick ice on all the lakes and on Monday that same drive would have shown you folks in pontoons, lapping lakeshore waves and the inclination that another season is upon us.

With the seasonal change of open water, green grass and the morning serenade of the local bird community, comes with it a plethora of new activities, opportunities and events to fill our time during this glorious season. The fisher folks are readying all their equipment, the ball players are patting their mitts, the boaters are readying their motors, all in the name of enjoying the short window it seems we have for those things. It’s no secret; time goes fast, really fast. Just recently I crowned the second of my children into the “double digits” category. A seemingly forgotten benchmark for many, but for this Dad, a reality check into how fast life really goes.

We are all excited to embrace the warmth, enjoy the surroundings and get busy experiencing all we know and love about Minnesota, the outdoors and the great opportunities we have in our area. I do, however, challenge you to slow down and spend some time reflecting on those things near and dear to you. You might find yourself not “catching” on your next adventure with rod and reel or fetching your ball from the woods along the local fairways, but don’t let those small hiccups define the experience. Take in all you see, cherish all you experience and share that moment with others. We get so busy chasing one thing to the next, we often forget to truly “experience” what we are taking part in. We are fortunate to live in a place with a vast variety of outdoor resources and opportunities. There is no better place to slow down and take it all in as a way of appreciating where we are and what we have. I hope as you read this, you look out your window and see bright sunshine….. And if not, “wait 5 minutes.”

-- Rich Spiczka, Community Education Director