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posted Dec 1, 2016, 6:24 AM by Brenda Williams
As the calendar turns to November, we are thankful for all that we have here at Eagle View Elementary School and sincerely appreciate the staff, students and families that are part of our Eagle View family. In keeping with the theme of thankful, I want to share some highlights of our 2016-17 year using the letters of the word grateful.

Growth mindset. A growth mindset is the belief that intelligence is something we can grow, and to embrace risk taking and failures as an opportunity to learn. Throughout this first quarter many classrooms worked to develop their students’ knowledge of growth mindset. Hearing students share about their learning and adding “not yet” - with a smile. They aren’t giving up, they are on their way.

Responsibility for learning. In addition to developing growth mindset is focus. Focus is having students aware of lesson targets and assessing their mastery of learning. Teachers post “I can” statements for lessons for student knowledge. At points during and at the end, students are asked to assess a number 1-4 indicating their level of understanding of the lesson. This awareness allows teachers to adjust lessons and groupings.

Active students. The PTA has supported being physically active at Eagle View by providing new playground equipment that is greatly appreciated. We also appreciate the support from our families by contributing to the Active-Kid-A-Thon that just wrapped up. The goal was for each student to earn $20 by being active for 60 minutes each day. Classrooms supported this through movement breaks and active learning in the classrooms.

Time. This year the Eagle View staff are also exploring their own growth mindset, prioritizing what students need during W.I.N. (What I Need) time. This is a time set aside outside of core instruction in which all students are receiving intervention supports or enrichment opportunities. Grade levels work collaboratively with Title and SPED staff to determine the skills and groupings and meet routinely to adjust and change as needed.

Excellence. Students received their new You Can’t Hide This Kind of Pride t-shirt to wear for Wear-It Wednesdays. PRIDEkeepers are recognized monthly for their positive citizenship and demonstrating the values of Respect, Responsibility and Safety. In addition, we celebrate those who complete their reading goal monthly.

Family support. Thank you for attending and volunteering at the many activities this first quarter - Open House/Back-to-School Conferences, Breakfast Buddies, Fall Conferences, Kindergarten Nursery Rhyme Day, STEM Days, Pumpkin Drop, and Watch Dogs. Seeing students and parents enjoying learning is a highlight of our profession.

Uniqueness. Children learn and develop differently. If you ask any student what they need to be successful, the answer will be diverse. To support these varying needs, teachers differentiate lessons daily through small group instruction to support and meet those needs. In addition, many teachers are embracing classrooms focus of flexible seating, standards-based grading, and inquiry-based learning to further meet student needs.

Listen for. Instead of asking your child, “How was your day?,” ask about what the ‘I can’ statement was for a particular lesson. Then inquire as to your child’s mastery 1-4 (4 being highest level of understanding). It’s harder to answer “fine” to those questions. Encourage the addition of ‘yet’ when they are developing a skill. Celebrate the process and the try-it-again attitude.

Thank you for a very successful beginning of the year. All of the staff at Eagle View value the partnership with our families, collaboration with colleagues, and most importantly EVery Child, EVery Day!

-- Melissa Hesch, Elementary Principal