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posted Dec 7, 2017, 3:28 PM by Brenda Williams
There is a concept called “Love your people.” The essence of this means to contribute, be kind, be honest, be patient, encourage, apologize and thank people. Each of these are gifts that we can give to each other during this busy time of year that won’t involve a cost. At Eagle View and Pequot Lakes we have much to celebrate, so in the spirit of “love your people,” I would like to take a moment to express gratitude for the team of parents, staff and students that are part of the Eagle View family and unwrap a few GIFTS.

G is for grit and growth mindset. As parents and educators, it is vital we help students foster the ability to persevere when still developing or when mastery of a concept or skill hasn’t occurred. Encouraging each other to keep trying allows the development of grit. Sometimes the most difficult part is accepting the journey toward mastery; the power of “yet”. This applies to student learning and also staff professional growth.

I is for initiative. Celebrating staff who are approaching instruction with changes for a student-centered classroom. With small group instruction and personalized learning through WIN time already a practice, others have explored the use of technology and flexible seating, developing classrooms that address student needs.

F is for focus. This year, focusing our work on safe and collaborative culture - our team. The priority is based on establishing a school culture that embraces collaborative practices which becomes the foundation for all further work. It begins with how we work together as teams, how staff team with students and parents, and additionally, how academic and behavior supports are added. Our mission is “Working together to ensure the success of Every Student, Every Day.”

T is for teams working collaboratively. In schools, the daily work of teaching is visible when you spend time in a classroom. What isn’t as obvious is the work that goes on behind the scenes planning units and lessons aligned to the state standards, reviewing data and personalizing student learning based on strengths and areas of need. Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) focus on what do students need to know and developing the collective efficacy of the team.

S is for Still prioritizing literacy. The ability to read is the foundation for all future learning. The priority to meet students where they are and accelerate learning through the balanced literacy process. Reflection has allowed us to revisit and adapt practices to best fit the needs of our students. Reading with your child at home is one way parents can support and model reading for your child.

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” Phil Jackson was very accurate with this quote as it takes a team in all areas of life - your family team, team of friends, colleagues, or sports teams - your people. I hope you all take the time to celebrate “your people,” your team this holiday season!

-- Melissa Hesch, Eagle View Elementary Principal