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Behind the Scenes

posted Apr 22, 2019, 7:25 AM by Brenda Williams
The roadmap to an operationally sound and responsible district that places transparency as a high priority involves many people behind the scenes. Who are these people? They often eat chaos for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They routinely make the impossible possible. They are the sturdy scaffolding of the organization. They are the ultimate go-to people. They’re … administrative professionals.

At a local district level, several content experts ensure the district performs on all points all of the time. Ongoing due diligence is important throughout the year, not just September through May when school is in session. District operations, similar to other business operations, include departments. Unique to a school district: business services, health services, transportation, buildings & grounds, human resources, food and nutritional services and technology; there’s an all-encompassing administrative support team directing the day-to-day tasks. Answering phone calls, greeting students, staff and visitors offering pleasantries, documenting attendance, budgeting, purchasing supplies, approving and paying bills, circulating information, coordinating meetings, conquering deadlines, perfecting the “dotted i” and “crossing the t” and always focused on exceeding expectations every single day. As simple as it might sound, the work behind the scenes is an integral part of impacting the district to ensure a positive difference in the lives of our students, families, community members and employees.

People fail to recognize all what admins do; so much goes on behind the scenes. The reality is if people don’t realize it’s being done, it’s being done right. An oxymoron, admins support some of the busiest people, remember important details, meetings, tasks, anniversaries, birthdays, heck even sometimes “remember to eat lunch!” But who reminds people about the administrative professionals in the day-to-day interactions … admittedly humble to a fault, surely the admins would not send out an all-staff memo. Take time to recognize the important admins in your life. This is your reminder!

-- Heidi Hagen, Business Manager