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An "Attitude of Gratitude" at Pequot Lakes Middle School

posted Dec 2, 2015, 6:51 AM by Brenda Williams
Gearing up for the Holiday Season, the staff of Pequot Lakes Middle School would like to take a moment to pause and reflect upon all that we are thankful for. As teachers, we have partnered with our community in the effort to provide our children with an empowered and enriched academic experience every day school is in session. At the end of the day, when we gather around the dinner table or grab some fast food before hockey practice, we expect the usual responses to the question of, “How was school today?” We can check planners, log in to Skyward to check grades, and rummage through a child’s backpack for an assignment. Despite our diligent investigative work as parents/guardians, the “behind the scenes” learning events that are occurring every day in the lives of our students don’t always come up.

As a part of the strategic plan implemented by PLMS staff, students are offered an enriched and well-rounded educational experience that services needs in areas ranging from post-secondary planning to instilling “grit” and “determination” in our students through our character education programming. In this edition of Patriot Perspective, the students and staff of Pequot Lakes Middle School would like to highlight some of the amazing behind the scenes efforts that are happening on a daily basis.

Empty Bowls for the Food Shelf:

A national grassroots effort, spearheaded locally by our talented middle level art teacher Molly Wiste, to take steps to help end hunger. PLMS students came to school Thursday evening November 12 with a family guest to create a ceramic bowl, and returned the evening of November 19 to glaze their creations. The bowls will be on sale December 14-20 at Lakes Latte for $5, with all proceeds going to our Lakes Area Food Shelf. Please stop in and check out our students’ work.

An “Attitude of Gratitude”:

Students in Mrs. Jana Lueck’s 5th grade Science class have been immersed in “Crow Wing Energized”, an Essentia Health county health initiative, guided by the teachings of Dr. Bryan Sexton. After attending a workshop, Mrs. Lueck has embedded in her science curriculum some reminders we should all put into practice: 1) Write down three good things every night before bed; 2) Take time to recognize “Awe moments”; 3) Express gratitude regularly; and 4) Be authentic to yourself and others.

We are greeted every morning with an opportunity to live with an attitude of gratitude. Take some time in the upcoming weeks to learn from our 5th graders and give thanks. Extend a special thank you to an adult who has made a difference in your child’s life. Once you’re done, take some time to thank yourself as well, because we are all in this together. PLMS is truly blessed to have involved parents and guardians.

These two activities are but a small glimpse into the life lessons occurring on a daily basis. Character Education is not an isolated classroom lesson; effective classroom instruction embeds this topic into every class period. We encourage our households to walk together with our teachers as we navigate life with our middle level students and utilize those “Teachable Moments.”

Wishing you and yours a wonderful Holiday Season -- The Staff of Pequot Lakes Middle School

-- Mike O'Neil, Middle School Principal