Curriculum Lead Team & Review Cycle

Curriculum Lead Team 

Led by the Teaching and Learning Coordinator, these teacher leaders will facilitate the development of district Digital Curriculum Libr
ary, an online repository of unit plans, common assessments, teaching resources, and curriculum tools.

2014-15 Curriculum Leads (CLs)

 ElementarySecondary K-12
 EC - April Kinney Math - Dana Kaiser Art - Molly Wiste
 K - Michele Zeidler Science - Beth McKenna Music - Mike Sommerness
 1 - Carrie Sposito Social Studies - Tracy Tschida PE/Health - Kristen Harsha
 2 - Suzy Hurin Language Arts - Vicki Palmer Student Ass't Team - Ali Ross
 3 -  Spanish - Chris Palmer Interventionists - Julie Benson
 4 - Kelly JacksonFACS - Kristen Gabrielson SpEd - Jan Belanger