Teaching & Learning 
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District Leadership Team (DLT)  
The DLT is responsible for ensuring alignment to the District Strategic Plan and for helping the principal lead the BLT. The DLT will also work in partnership with the District Advisory Council involving members of the community. 

Digital Curriculum Library
An online repository of our unit plans, common assessments, teaching resources, and curriculum tools will be developed through the Curriculum Leads.

Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model 
Focusing on the art and science of teaching, Dr. Robert Marzano's systematic appraisal of teaching dynamics will help fine-tune teaching practices.

Building Leadership Team (BLT)
Led by building principals, BLT members from each site are responsible for creating, implementing, and assessing the School Improvement Plan (SIP) in partnership with the principal.

Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)

Teams of educators committed to working collaboratively to answer the four main questions regarding student learning:

1) What should students know or be able to do?
2) How is the knowing/doing measured?
3) What interventions are in place when students experience difficulty?
4) How do we enrich lessons for students who need it?