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Annual Notifications

Asbestos Management

As a result of federal legislation (Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act – AHERA), each primary and secondary school in the nation is required to complete a stringent inspection for asbestos and to develop a plan of management for all asbestos-containing building materials. The Pequot Lakes Public School District has a goal to be in full compliance with this law. As a matter of policy, the district shall continue to maintain a safe and healthful environment for our community’s youth and employees.  District personnel receive asbestos awareness training annually.

In keeping with this legislation, all buildings (including portables and support buildings) owned or leased by the school district were inspected by an EPA accredited inspector and an independent laboratory analyzed samples. Based on the inspection, the school prepared and the state approved a comprehensive management plan for handling the asbestos located within its buildings safely and responsibly.

Furthermore, the 
Pequot Lakes Public School District has third-year re-inspections completed by IEA, Inc. every three years. Federal law requires a periodic walk-through (called “surveillance”) every six months of each area containing asbestos. IEA, Inc. will accomplish this under contract.

This past year, the 
Pequot Lakes Public School District did not complete any asbestos removal projects.

Short-term workers (outside contractors – i.e. telephone repair workers, electricians, and exterminators) must be provided information regarding the location of asbestos with which they may come into contact. All short-term workers shall contact the lead maintenance person before commencing work to be given this information.

Pequot Lakes Public School District has a list of the location(s), type(s) of asbestos-containing materials found in the school buildings, and a description and timetable for their proper management. A copy of the Asbestos Management Plan is available for review in the school office. Copies are available for 25 cents per page. Questions related to the plan should be directed to IEA, Inc., Brainerd, MN, at 763.315.7900 or by contacting the Pequot Lakes School District at 218.568.4996.

Indoor Air Quality and Use of Pest Control Materials

The Pequot Lakes Public School District is proud to be taking a leadership role in providing a safe, comfortable and productive environment for our students and staff so that we achieve our core mission – educating students.  Our school will follow the EPA guidance to improve our indoor air quality (IAQ) by preventing as many IAQ problems as possible, and by quickly responding to any IAQ problems that may arise. Good air quality requires an ongoing commitment by everyone in our school because each of us daily makes decisions and performs activities that affect the quality of the air we breathe.  

School staff, students, and parents can obtain checklists or self-help information so they can properly evaluate their child’s home or other out-of-school situations by contacting the school.  Staff and parents can also obtain information about school and HVAC-related information, chemical-producing academic subjects, and pesticide and herbicide applications to determine the extent to which school activities contribute to a child’s symptoms by contacting the school.

IEA, Inc. conducts IAQ assessments annually to ensure proper air quality. The Pequot Lakes Public School District Indoor Air Quality contact person is the Director of Buildings & Grounds.  If there are any questions regarding the school’s IAQ program, please feel free to call the school at 218.568.4996.

A Minnesota state law went into effect in 2000 that requires schools to inform school staff, students, and parents if they apply certain pesticides on school property. Specifically, this law requires schools that apply these pesticides to maintain an estimated schedule of pesticide applications and to make the schedule available to employees and parents for review or copying at the school office. State law also requires that you be told that the long-term health effects on children from the application of such pesticides or the class of chemicals to which they belong may not be fully understood.

If there are any questions regarding the Pequot Lakes Public School District Pest Management program or you would like more information on the pesticide application schedule, please feel free to call the school at 218.568.4996.

Lead In Water

Minnesota Statute 121A.335 requires public school buildings serving prekindergarten through grade 12 to test for lead in water every 5 years. The Pequot Lakes Public School District has historically conducted and continues to conduct Lead in Drinking Water testing per the Minnesota Department of Health guidelines.

For more information on Pequot Lakes Public School District's lead reduction program and testing results, please contact Mike Renford, Buildings & Grounds Director, at 218.568.9244.

Non-Discrimination Statement

The Pequot Lakes Public Schools are committed to providing equal education and employment opportunities to all persons and do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, with regard to public assistance, disability, or any other group or class against which discrimination is prohibited by Title VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Minnesota Statutes Chapter 363, and other applicable state or federal laws. Inquiries regarding compliance should be referred to the High School Principal, acting as the Affirmative Action Coordinator, at 218-568-4996.

The Pequot Lakes Public School District offers a variety of vocational opportunities through the Business Education, Industrial Technology, and Family and Consumer Sciences departments. A listing of the available courses and course descriptions may be found in the registration and planning guide, available on this website (High School-Academics-Academic Planning) or from the high school counselor. These opportunities are offered regardless of race, color, national origin, sex or disability. Admission in the specific courses is determined by grade level and, in some cases, completion of prerequisite courses.

The district has designated the following individuals to coordinate our compliance with federal laws on discrimination:

Human Rights/Affirmative Action Coordinator:   Aaron Nelson, High School Principal

Section 504 Coordinator:   Michael O'Neil, Middle School Principal / Alternate:  Melissa Hesch, Elementary Principal

Contact Info:

Pequot Lakes Public Schools
30805 Olson Street
Pequot Lakes, MN 56472

For further information, contact:

 Minnesota Department of  Human Rights
 190 East 5th Street - Suite  700
 St. Paul, MN 55101
 Phone: 651-296-5663
 Toll Free: 800-657-3704
 TTY: 651-296-1283
 FAX: 651-296-9064

 US Department of Education
 Office for Civil Rights - Chicago  Office
 500 W. Madison Street - Suite 1475
 Chicago IL 60661
 Phone: 312-730-1560
 TDD: 312-730-1609
 FAX: 312-730-1576

Title IX

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (20 U.S.C. Statute 1681) is an all-encompassing federal law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of the sex of students and employees of educational institutions that receive federal financial assistance.

Title IX reads:  "No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance ..." Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, and its implementing regulation at 34 C.F.R. Part 106 (Title IX).

In compliance with Title IX, Pequot Lakes Public School District prohibits discrimination in all educational programs and activities on the basis of sex.

Title IX Coordinator 
Aaron Nelson, High School Principal
Pequot Lakes Public Schools
30805 Olson Street
Pequot Lakes, MN 56472
Anti-Harassment and Nondiscrimination Policies
Title IX Training Materials

Harassment and Violence

It is the policy of the Pequot Lakes Public School District to maintain a learning and working environment that is free from religious, racial, or sexual harassment and violence. The Pequot Lakes Public School District prohibits any form of religious, racial, or sexual harassment and violence, and has adopted Policy 413 to address this. A complete copy of this policy is available in any of the school offices, and on the school website by clicking here.

Disability Accommodations

If you cannot fully access the information on any web page of this site, please let us know by contacting the District at 218.568.4996. We will offer the information in an alternative format. If you would like to file a formal grievance under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act or Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act, you may contact the middle school principal at 218.568.9357. If you have questions, please visit this link for general answers about 504/IDEA or contact your school's counselor.

Any qualified individual with a disability attending events held at the Pequot Lakes Public School District facilities may request an accommodation. Contact the activities director at 218.568.9213.

Criminal History Background Checks

The school district has adopted a policy, the purpose of which is to promote the physical, social, and psychological well-being of its students. Pursuant to this policy, the school district shall seek criminal history background checks for all applicants who receive an offer of employment with the school district. The school district also shall seek criminal history background checks for all individuals, except enrolled student volunteers, who are offered the opportunity to provide athletic coaching services or other extracurricular academic coaching services to the school district, regardless of whether compensation is paid. These positions include but are not limited to, all athletic coaches, extracurricular academic coaches, assistants, and advisors. The school district may elect to seek criminal history background checks for other volunteers, independent contractors, and student employees.

Release of Information

All information is public unless previously declared confidential or private by the Minnesota Data Privacy Act. Persons requesting information should set up an appointment with the administrator in charge. Citizens are requested to meet with the administrator to go over the information so it can be properly interpreted. Any cost related to the search for the data or copying cost may be charged to the requesting party. 

Student Participation in Statewide Assessments

MS 120B.31 requires school districts to provide notice to parents/guardians of their option to refuse to have their students participate in statewide assessments. To exercise this option, go to http://education.state.mn.us/MDE/fam/tests/ and find the Parent/Guardian Guide and Refusal for Student Participation in Statewide Testing Form. Simply fill out the form and submit it to the school office. 

Visitors to School Buildings

In accordance with MN Statute 609.605, Subd. 4, all visitors must report to an administrative office upon entering the building. Please check in and obtain a visitor's badge whenever visiting any of our school facilities. 

Wellness Policy

The Pequot Lakes Public School District has adopted Wellness Policy (#533), the purpose of which is to set forth methods that promote student wellness. The district encourages the involvement of parents, students, staff, and the general public in the development, implementation, and periodic review and update of this wellness policy. For further information, contact District Wellness Coordinator Patty Buell, 218.568.9363.