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World's Best Workforce Plan (MN Statute 120B.11)

The World's Best Workforce Plan is a comprehensive, long term strategic plan focused on preparing every student for the workplace through supporting and improving teaching and learning.  The statute calls for district strategic plans to ensure the alignment of district and school initiatives to the district mission and to create success in five key areas:

  • All students are ready for kindergarten
  • All students third grade achieve grade level literacy
  • Close the academic achievement gap among subpopulations of students 
  • All students graduate from high school
  • All students attain career and college readiness before graduation from high school

Several areas of the Pequot Lakes Schools website articulate the many efforts in place to meet and exceed the requirements of the World's Best Workforce legislation.  
  • The ISD 186 Strategic Roadmap articulates the overarching mission, core values, vision, and strategic directions of the school district.  The roadmap was developed during the 2013-14 school year with significant community input. 
  • The Accountability page includes student achievement data and the district operational plan and scorecards.  Also linked to this page are school improvement plans, information regarding teacher and principal evaluation, leadership structures to drive continuous improvement efforts, and information on curriculum development, assessment, and professional development.  In addition, the Early Childhood site includes information regarding efforts to prepare all children for kindergarten.  
  • Finally, the Business Services site communicates the district budget, audit reports, and the department improvement efforts.   Aligning the allocation of district resources to the ISD 186 Strategic Roadmap is an ongoing effort at all levels of budget management and development.  
Here is the 2016-17 WBWF Summary provided to the Department of Education