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This Accountability section is a report to the community about our school district’s ongoing improvement efforts aligned to the district Strategic Roadmap.  This site also represents our Worlds Best Workforce report in accordance with MN statute 120B.11.

District Student Achievement
The Scorecard for District Student Achievement and our District Test Results both provide a snapshot of district level achievement data that addresses the requirements of the Worlds Best Workforce legislation.  Building level, team level, and classroom level data is collected, analyzed and used to drive improvement efforts tied to school improvement plans.  

Strategic Directions:
The ISD 186 Strategic Roadmap identifies three main strategic directions to actualize
the 2020 vision:
  • Personalized Learning
  • Effective Operations
  • Partnerships & Communications  
Implementation of the district vision is led by the Building Leadership Teams led by the school principals.  Each team develops, implements, and assesses an annual school improvement plan aligned to the district Strategic Roadmap and reports to the board every fall.  Improvement plans can be found here: